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Comic Art
Line Art Low Kick
Low Kick to Knee by Crow.

The challenge with Comic Wars is illustrating in a different style. I draw my own comics but my style is not traditional. For this game I’m using the heavy aggressive illustration style of the 90s Image comics. It’s not a style I am comfortable using. But it is a style people recognize when they think “Comics.” At my local print shop, the employees who scan my work have taken notice. They are asking questions about my latest project and about the line art. Perhaps they view this style is proper “comic” art and not “indie”art? I’m not sure but that could be the case. If so, then it is tough to accept that my personal style does not appeal to comic fans.

In Comic Wars, I’m using William Rail’s Crow Works Comic characters as the default “generic” fighters. Comic Wars is Will’s game at heart, so it should have his creative “DNA” in it. His Crow comic series is closer to main stream comicbooks than mine. I doubt a card game featuring a Totally Naked superhero and his wacky band of lovable losers would sell. So it’s important that this card game “feels” like a superhero card game. I hope this does.


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