Freakshow card art

Respecting IPs

Not Freakshow card art
This is not Freakshow… it is only a tribute.

I finished 6 card pictures last night. Excited, I showed Will the illustrations. I figured he would love them because it is in that 90’s Image style that he loves. But…Will did not like one of the cards. The picture I did for the character “Freakshow” was incorrect. I did not illustrate his deformities. I thought I did. Will showed me his comic and I did not get the character right. He said, “well remember, in issue 3, it explains Freakshow’s deformities and…”


I did not actually read most of Will’s comics. I read a few but I didn’t read them all. If I had, my picture would reflect the character correctly. I didn’t respect his IP enough to invest all my time studying them. I looked at the comic illustrations and came to my own conclusion on how it should look.That would be like me drawing the Hulk but forgetting that he is a green muscle giant.

If we do get a chance to work with Indie Comic creators for the game I want to respect their property. This last drawing session is a stern reminder that we need to be faithful to a creator’s vision. So… back to the drawing desk.


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