Redesign of Comic Wars

Notes on Comic Wars
Working on the redesign at Guardian Games. 

A few weeks ago Will and I were showcasing Comic Wars at our local gaming store, Guardian Games. The owner of Rainy Day Games (a store in Beaverton, Oregon) took a look. He offered feedback on Comic Wars and the design of the cards. Based on his recommendations, Will is retooling Comic Wars.

Comic Wars is a card game created by William Rail. He designed both the game play and the card layout. But, he is one person and cannot do it all. So, I’ve offered to help him redesign Comic Wars. We plan to get Comic Wars redone for beta testing in January.

I’m not a card game person. The only card game I’ve collected/played was Pokemon. Several years ago, I gave my entire collection to someone. I’m not an expert on gaming. But I do like how Comic Wars works. In a few cases, I actually beat Will. I would love to build a Comic War deck using my characters, Totally Naked Man and The Schlub. But any future expansions will need contracts to establish rights and royalties.

In the meantime, I’ll be writing some blogs about our redesign here on Will’s site. I cannot reveal any future designs (Will wants to keep it off the net). I will share what I can.

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